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gif meme→ Peyton Sawyer + Faceless

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I think the color red is one that’s very bold and dangerous and adventurous and daring. In the context of my music, color red signifies deep emotion, crazy emotion, passion, affection, being in love with someone, jealousy, anger all those crazy feelings. Those feelings are all very like a hundred miles per hour. Zero to a hundred. I think that my life would definitely be the color red right now; if it had to be a color because it’s just bold.

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TMI appreciation week » Day 3: favorite scene

↪ Clace at Edom's lake

❝Like the way I love you. I loved you recklessly from the moment I knew you. I never cared about the consequences. I told myself I did, I told myself you wanted me to, and so I tried, but I never did. I wanted you more than I wanted to be good. I wanted you more than I wanted anything, ever.❞

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Looking back in the rear view mirror
You know the view used to be much clearer

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the beautiful thing is, she isn’t just talking about Henry here, and I don’t know if Emma is realizing that, but she is also talking about Killian and what he did for her. He did bring her home, not just to break a curse, but for herself, so the orphan would never feel like one, so the lost girl could no longer be lost and for the woman no longer feeling in a little girl skin. He did bring her home, not so she could be the savior once again, but because he missed her, and he has her interests at best.
Killian is right, he knows her better than anything else, because all along, he knew that, he was capable to anticipate her feelings how she would feel if she left Storybrooke, how she would feel about her parents, he knew that, and that’s what love should be, know your partner, lover more than they know themselves, knowing them and loving them even when they are wrong, blind. Love should be patient, waiting for this loved one to realize that she was wrong and waiting for her to truly come back home.
That’s why Killian is her true love, he’s patient, he’s steady in her life, he won’t ever go, he won’t ever let her down, he’s patient, he’s truly a captain, steady rock in the middle of the storm, he’s the person Emma can lean against and can find support, love and patience. This is the man who pulls up with her even when she is at her worst, better, he’s the person helping her to raise at her brightest.
That’s what love should be, and nobody can ever convince me that this man isn’t her true love.
Nobody can convince me that there’s someone in this world who loves her more than Killian loves Emma

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Missing Book Moment:

’”Slug Club”,’ repeated Ron with a sneer worthy of Malfoy. ‘It’s pathetic. Well, I hope you enjoy your party. Why don’t you try getting off with McLaggen, then Slughorn can make you King and Queen Slug —’
'We're allowed to bring guests,' said Hermione, who for some reason had turned a bright, boiling scarlet, 'and I was going to ask you to come, but if you think it’s that stupid then I won’t bother!’
Harry suddenly wished the pod had flown a little farther, so that he need not have been sitting here with the pair of them. Unnoticed by either, he seized the bowl that contained the pod and began to try and open it by the noisiest and most energetic means he could think of; unfortunately, he could still hear every word of their conversation.
'You were going to ask me?' asked Ron, in a completely different voice.
'Yes,' said Hermione angrily. 'But obviously if you'd rather I got off with McLaggen …’
There was a pause while Harry continued to pound the resilient pod with a trowel.
'No, I wouldn't,' said Ron, in a very quiet voice.

—Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Ch. 14: Felix Felicis

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